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If you talk to anyone involved in Catholic media – whether it be books or blogs, podcasts or radio, television or online video — eventually you’ll hear the name Sarah Reinhard.  She’s an amazing author and a vital part of the modern Catholic media world, and someone worth paying attention to.

Greg Willits – author, speaker, and co-founder of Rosary Army, New Evangelizers, SQPN.com, The Catholics Next Door, and other apostolates.

Sarah is an honest, passionate writer who effortlessly weaves words together as if she’s having a conversation with you. She’s able to take matters of faith and relate to them to everyday moments of life. Her reflections on the Holy Mother draw you in, and it’s clear that Sarah has a true devotion to this Leading Lady. Sarah’s writing is like a really good cup of coffee: It goes down smoothly and warms you from the inside out.

Kate Wicker, author and speaker

I live in Ohio. I’m married to a great guy and we have four children. I’m a writer (of both books and much more). I’m also an avid reader.

If I’m not off hiding somewhere with a good book, chances are I’m chasing a kid or a dog or sleeping, because every mom can use a nap! I found Prince Charming and married him, and now we enjoy the idiosyncrasies of life. Oh yeah, and we root for the Buckeyes. Every time.


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